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Custom Chromoly 4130 Steel Fork

Custom Chromoly 4130 rigid forks for MTB, bikepacking, road, gravel, or any bike type.  Custom length, rake, brake mounts, rack mounts, bag mounts, anything mounts, etc!

Worldwide Shipping: US$85

*Don’t include taxes



Custom built CrMo 4130 / Chromoly 4130 bike fork, powder coated and TIG welded

Worldwide Shipping: US$85

*Don’t include taxes

Building time: 2 months (may vary depending on current quantity and complexity of orders)


Options included:

Powder coating
Water bottle mounts
Rack mounts
Fender mounts
IS or flat mount brake mount
V-brake, caliper or cantilever brake mounts


Tapered steerer
Post mount brake mount
Thru-axle dropouts (includes 1 axle)


Color options:

Marino Color Palette


Segmented Fork Type:

Tapered 28.6mm to 19mm

Segmented Custom Chromoly 4130 Marino Fork

Standard Unicrown Fork Type:

Tapered 31.8mm to 19mm

Unicrown Custom Marino Chromoly 4130 Fork

Gravel mounts
Bikepacking mounts




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