1.Order Form

Fill the order form and complete the checkout process, choose “Pay after confirmation” as payment method.

For other custom frames contact us to: orders@marinobike.com

MarinoBike Order Form
Frame Design - Marino Bike

2. Design

We will email you the frame design according to your request.

We use BikeCAD for this purpose, an specialized software for bicycle design.

3. Review and approval

We’ll make any changes you ask until you approve the design.

Frame Design - Marino Bike
Marino working - Marino BikeFrame Design - Marino Bike

4. Build

Once the design is approved, we’ll ask for a deposit ($100 per frame) to begin with the building process.   We accept payments through PayPal.

We miter, weld, file and finish your frame. Then it’s ready for paint.

Expect 14 to 16 weeks to be finished.

We’ll send you updates of the process.

5. Packaging and shipping

Once finished, we’ll send you the final pictures, and we’ll ask for the payment of the balance.  

Then, we’ll package and ship your frame to your address.

Expect around 2 weeks for shipping by Express EMS.