FAQ Custom Frames

Stock frames have their own set prices.

Here you can find our custom frames pricing:

Custom Hardtail MTB Frame:

Custom Full Suspension Single Pivot MTB Frame

Custom Gravel / Cyclocross / Bikepacking / Touring / Fixed frame

Custom Fork:

For distributor pricing contact us to orders@marinobike.com

We ship worldwide, except to some specific  countries which may have restrictions due to covid19.


Tracking number

We give a tracking number for every shipped order.

Shipping Cost

Express shipping – 1 to 2 weeks:

1 frame: US$110

2 frames: US$150

Standard shipping – 4 to 6 weeks:

1 frame: US$60

2 frames: US$100


Time frame / lead time for custom frames

Our current building time frame for custom frames is around 14 weeks from design approval and deposit.  This is only an estimation and it may vary depending on the complexity of the frame and the amount of orders in process.   It isn’t easy to give an exact time frame for custom frame building.